Addiction Hotline- Find Treatment Addiction Care Center is a fully integrated residential drug rehab center that cares about the whole person. We believe treatment is an individual experience and customize a rehabilitation program to suit each person using the most cutting edge therapeutic programs available to ensure higher success.

Our highly skilled medical staff has years of experience and are fully dedicated to helping each individual who crosses our threshold through the healing process. We believe you deserve dignity and kindness in your journey and offer a gentle medical detoxification, group and individual therapy, holistic care, nutritional guidance and other therapies designed to reconnect to the joy of living all in our serene, home like setting.

Addiction is a disease that requires not only physical treatment but mental and spiritual as well. We feel treating one without the other in this trinity is not treating the whole person. The 12-step program is at the foundation of our treatment program and we build from there customizing it to suit each patient.

We also provide treatment for those trapped between pain and addiction to pain medication as well as those suffering from depression, anxiety, bulimia and anorexia. Our evidence-based practices provide a unique healing experience for anyone suffering disease in a compassionate and loving environment.