Alcohol is legal and readily available but it is also extremely addictive both physically and emotionally. In some ways alcohol rehabilitation requires more support because it is legal and so readily available. This is why Addiction Hotline- Find Treatment Addiction Care Center customizes alcohol rehab for each patient.   Treatment starts with an individualized assessment and comprehensive evaluation. A personal plan is then developed with our highly trained alcohol counselors, medical staff and therapists.

Detoxing from alcohol is a procedure requiring medical supervision. The physical addiction has to be addressed first before the mental and spiritual aspects can be addressed. We at Addiction Hotline- Find Treatment Addiction Care Center use the latest in evidence-based medicine to gently detox alcoholics and then we proceed into individual psychotherapy, behavioral modification, the very important family counseling and nutritional guidance.

The entire person is taken into consideration when a patient enters alcohol rehab. Our residential setting is designed to be comfortable and not clinical. Often when an alcoholic comes to us for treatment, their physical well-being is as shattered as their mental and spiritual well-being.   We work with each patient to rebuild the physical body with nutritious meals, supplements and have a fully equipped gym to aid in the rebuilding of physical wellness.

Once the patient has gone through the gentle detox program, we begin the therapeutic treatment. This includes the 12 step program as a foundation, group counseling where the patient will receive support from people in different phase of recovery from the same disease, and individual counseling to help root out the deeply hidden core emotional cause of the disease.

Alcohol rehab is not complete without teaching coping skills. In this phase of the rehab we teach coping mechanisms for re-entry into regular life without the crutch of alcohol.   A residential rehab center is like a cocoon, designed to give the patient a place to heal in privacy and away from daily stressors and triggers. We work hard with each patient to uncover the triggers that await them in their every-day life, build a plan and equip them with coping skills to re-enter that life, alcohol free. This includes family counseling, individually and as a unit. We are serious about healing the whole person and this includes the relationships they have with family.

As part of the Axis system, Addiction Hotline- Find Treatment Addiction Care Center offers flexible lengths of stay to acknowledge and respect each patient’s individual needs. Sometimes the underlying emotional trauma or debility requires a longer stay to ensure a successful track to recovery.

Relapse prevention is a final phase in the process and the start of aftercare. We know how hard it is to re-enter regular life being sober therefore we design an aftercare and relapse prevention program customized to you and your triggers. You will leave with an entire team cheering you on and ready to support your courage.

The track to successful recovery has multiple phases from detox to aftercare and Addiction Hotline- Find Treatment Addiction Care Center has licensed, educated experts to be there with you through every step 24 hours a day seven-days a week.

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