Addiction Hotline- Find Treatment Addiction Care Center
Thank you for visiting Addiction Hotline- Find Treatment Addiction Care Center. You wouldn’t be here if there weren’t something serious in your life that you want our help with. We understand your life or that of a loved one is in turmoil and reaching out is a big decision. Congratulations, you have just taken the hardest step.
We at Addiction Hotline- Find Treatment Addiction Care Center want to be the one you choose to trust with your problem and in return we promise to treat you or your family member with dignity, privacy and tranquility at our private rehabilitation oasis. Our healing site offers treatment in several areas including:
• Alcohol treatment
• Drug rehab including narcotic addiction from pain treatment
• Eating disorders
• Trauma treatment
• Dual diagnosis


What you can expect from Addiction Hotline- Find Treatment Addiction Care Center?
1. We believe your recovery begins with our special staff and the “whole person” approach to health. We have top-notch recovery specialists, holistic therapists, nutritionists and counselors to create a customized treatment and healing plan for you. As you go through the recovery process your needs will change and we will have someone there to support you through every step as you regain your health.
2. Tucked away in an exclusive area of Addiction Hotline- Find Treatment , our facility is an oasis of serenity. Southern California lush palms and exotic flowers surround you like a comfortable robe where you can smell life and enjoy colors again. Our grounds are a favored part of our recovery program.
3. When you are recovering you will have the opportunity to reconnect with your physical and creative spirit. We have a fully equipped gym to rebuild your body, enjoy a gentle yoga class or rediscover your creativity in art or craft therapy. Our grounds provide the perfect space for meeting the beauty of nature with a relaxing spiritual walk.
4. Our resident rooms are first class all the way. You can either have a private room or choose to share with another person in recovery.
5. The cooking is left to us with deliciously prepared food full of nutrition and customized to your needs.
6. Going home will be a special event when you are revitalized and eager to see each day.


Our Programs
We will perform and execute an individualized assessment plan prior to your arrival at Addiction Hotline- Find Treatment Addiction Care Center. No two people are alike and we believe each person is entitled to a personally tailored substance abuse program to ensure the best addiction recovery possible. The whole person is how we integrate your recovery with our drug rehab and treatment philosophies.
The base of our program is the 12-Step system and its alternatives. This model has proven for decades to be extremely successful in recovery across different addictions and behavioral issues. We customize it for each person and work with you through each step to give you the greatest chance for success.
Addiction Hotline- Find Treatment Addiction Care Center works with all substance abuse including cocaine, opiate, marijuana, Crystal meth, Heroin, LSD, Oxycontin, morphine and Demerol. We know each substance has unique manifestations and equally unique recovery methods so we address each on an individual basis.
In addition to substance addiction we specialize in treating anorexia and bulimia. These conditions also require individualized care to save your life or that of a loved one. Our program is custom designed to incorporate total healing at both a physical and emotional level.
Another of our specialties is pain rehab. Chronic pain sufferers often get trapped between the pain and the opiates to relieve the pain. This requires special treatment to separate physical pain from emotional pain. Our trained physicians and support staff will work diligently to find alternatives to mediate the pain, life therapy to learn to live a life beyond pain and gently remove addictive narcotics from your pain regimen. Our counselors understand pain and you will find compassion and an outlet to express your feelings of being trapped by pain. We have had an exceptionally high success rate with pain patients who can’t walk into the facility by themselves and are able to walk out under their own power feeling better than they have in years. There is hope and a life beyond the pain.


Life Saving Help is Available
When you have a loved one who is in crisis it takes its toll on you and your entire family. You are so close to the situation and it creates more heartache and confusion so that is why we offer a list of highly skilled and qualified interventionists to help you. An interventionist will work with our intake counselors, you and your loved ones to arrange for a confidential and compassionate intervention. We know you are at your wits end or you wouldn’t be here looking for solutions to save the life of someone you love. Your love and courage are to be admired and we will work with you to make this transition as easy as possible.
We are not your run of the mill treatment center. Our goal is to treat the whole person whether it is addiction, eating disorders, pain management, acute anxiety or depression. Each patient is unique therefore Addiction Hotline- Find Treatment Addiction Care Center honors that individuality with compassionate and customized care in our home like environment, where healing takes priority. Call today and speak to one of our trained intake counselors to take the next step. You have it made it this far on your own and we are here to guide you through to health, sanity and life!

Struggling with drug or alcohol addiction?
Call our Addiction Hotline- Find Treatment center at 415-666-2647 today for more information on our treatment programs.