Struggling with addiction is a cesspool of misery. The exhaustion, depression, shame and guilt all pile on top of one another making a life of sobriety seem unattainable. The first step to addiction treatment is to realize you are not alone. Recovery is within your reach and it is possible to change your life and live addiction free.

If you are here on our page at Addiction Hotline- Find Treatment Addiction Care Center, we congratulate you because you have made it to the second step, seeking help. While you are exploring treatment options consider a few of the following points:

  • There is no single “cure”. Addiction is a disease. There is a treatment but recovery is a life-long event.
  • Treatment is more than detoxing from the substance being abused. It is a triangle of physical, mental and spiritual healing.
  • Addiction doesn’t impact just you, it involves your friends, co-workers and family and they will need help too

Those who try to fix their addiction alone have the highest chance of relapsing. Addiction treatment requires support. Unfortunately most addicts when they reach the stage of reaching for help feel they have burned too many bridges to have a support system. This is exactly why treatments include group therapy. An addict is never alone in his addiction. Someone somewhere has experienced the same emotions and has had success in recovery with group support either receiving or giving.

Addiction treatment goes beyond the drug abuse and teaches the addict how to cope with triggers without using chemicals. Digging deep to find the crux of what pain is being hidden behind the drugs is central to a successful recovery.

It is very common for an addict to have more than one driving issue behind the addiction. Trauma, loss of a loved one or a medical condition like depression can be factors behind addiction. Building a support team is important for anyone wanting to kick addiction. Treatment centers, whether they be residential in patient or outpatient can help you rebuild your life and provide a support system.

At Addiction Hotline- Find Treatment Addiction Care Center we treat the whole person. Our intake counselors will perform a comprehensive evaluation and start you on a path to recovery.   We have a fully qualified medical staff to provide a gentle detox process, certified addiction counselors, therapists and support staff. We have group and individual therapies to establish connections and support groups. We also offer holistic options and therapies to reconnect you to your spirit.

Addiction Hotline- Find Treatment Addiction Care Center is a part of the Axis Recovery system. We specialize in all forms of addiction from street to prescription drugs. We offer pain management therapies and narcotic detox as well as treatment for eating disorders.

Our addiction treatment includes, detox, family therapy, holistic therapy, sober living and after care programs. We know how hard it is to reach out for help and are here to give you the support you crave. We will help you get out of the cesspool of misery and back into a life of physical, mental and spiritual wellness.

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